Monday, May 21, 2012

Squeaky Clean!

Last week, me and Bubba had to go to the dentist.   We go to a fun dentist!

When I saw these planets, I immediately thought of my cake balls that I made for my science project.  Does this look like a cake ball to you?!?  

While we waited for our turn, me and Bubba played on one of the kid computers.  Sometimes it's hard to get a computer because all of the kids want to play on them and sometimes they take them before we get there.    This time our luck was better!    We played games like air hockey, poker, and chess.  

This is me getting x-rays made.     Something happened to the camera and it wouldn't stay up by itself.   I had to hold it!   

Me acting like I'm at the beach.    beach?    Those are close to the same.    Right?!?!?

While she cleaned my teeth, I watched a little TV.  

When you finish getting your teeth cleaned at my dentist, you get a gold coin and you get to pick out a little toy.     There are so many things to choose from!      This time I got a little squishy ball.    

One more thing - me and my dentist were wearing the very same shoes!      Too bad we didn't get a picture of that!       That's about all I can say about the dentist.     I'm glad to be all squeaky clean!

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